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Learning from Experience

by Theatre@First Vice President Jo Guthrie I have held 15 different roles in over 35 productions both in front and behind the curtain over my 16 years with Theatre@First.  Where I have found myself most useful has been in production roles backstage but I have also enjoyed two onstage roles. It has given me a great deal of perspective and a number of great stories. Anything can happen in theatre.   As a leader in our group I try and make it to most productions.  I am also pretty good at dealing with emergencies in a pinch. One night I was called out of the audience to help an actor who had managed to dislocate her shoulder.  I have absolutely no experience at this so...turned to my audience and actually got to say the lines “Is there a doctor in the house?” on stage for a real reason.   Every moment you are standing there is another opportunity to slow the heck down.  This is one of my favorite notes to actors but is so incredibly true in real life, too.  You ar