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Giving@First Grows and Gives!

by Mike Haddad, Festival Director, Giving@First In October of 2017, Theatre@First put on a play festival to raise money for people suffering from the effects of a devastating hurricane season. The festival became known as Giving@First . A wonderful team of writers, directors,  actors,and tech crew from the Theatre@First community came together to write, rehearse, and perform six never before seen shows. The festival was a smashing success: great art was made, money was graciously donated to a worthy cause, and all involved had a very hectic, chaotic, amazing twenty-four hours.          On January 10th/11th 2020, Theatre@First proudly put on its 4th Giving@First festival, this time raising money for ALS ONE .  We have stayed true to our original format, and over the last couple of years, the festival has gotten bigger and bigger (this year we squeezed in a seventh show to accommodate as many people as we could....and still got it done in twenty four hours). This Giving@