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COVID-19 Update

Theatre@First is committed to playing our part to support the well-being of our community in these times of social distancing. Our leadership continues to monitor the coronavirus situation and make decisions based first and foremost on the health and safety of our actors and production staff. We're excited about what we have planned for 2020 and hope to be able to bring you, our audience, entertaining and thought-provoking live theatre in some form as the year rolls on, but we absolutely will not "reopen for business" until it is safe to do so. Just because we can't put on traditional shows in traditional spaces, that doesn't mean we're sitting on our heels! We've got plenty of ideas in the works for ways to keep the arts alive in Somerville and beyond. We're looking into ways to live-stream our performances. Our reading groups, which once might have met in someone's living room, are now happening over video conferencing. We're doing everyt