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Revenge Takes Center Ring

by Mary Parker, Director of The Revenger's Tragedy The Revenger's Tragedy   is a satire. Everything in the play is a bit too much - the villains are too despicable, the murders are too ridiculous, and the ending has too high of a body count. You know, just like the circus! But seriously, in this play (probably by Thomas Middleton but it was the Jacobean era so who knows) the characters are constantly putting on a show. Even some of their private actions are performed for the benefit of an outsider, like the Duchess who sleeps with her husband's bastard son for revenge on the husband. Spurio and the Duchess keep their affair a secret, and neither of them are really into it, so the whole purpose is to stick it to an audience (the Duke) who isn't even there.  Soon, Theatre@First will hold auditions for my production of  Revenger's . This show will be set at a failing 1940s circus, and will feature a band playing popular circus songs from the era. The D

Raising the Curtain

T@F Artistic Director Elizabeth Hunter Welcome to Theatre@First!   One of the traditions here is to have a greeter out front at each of our shows. I like to take that post on opening night whenever possible.   I love standing out on the sidewalk, opening the door for people and directing them to our box office.   It’s a nice way to get hugs from people I know and sometimes to catch up for a minute or two with past participants returning to support a new show. Most importantly, it’s a chance to put a face on T@F for newcomers, to let you know that you are in the right place and we’re so happy you found us. This spring we are celebrating our 15th anniversary!   We’ve just staged our 50 th mainstage show and sometime this year—depending on how you count—we’ll put on our 100 th overall production. We have grown and changed so much over the years, but we are still Somerville ’s community theatre, creating art and providing a venue for new connections within our wider community