Change Is Possible

Barack Obama Quote: “Change is never easy, but always possible ...

Last month we issued a statement declaring our concern and support for the Black community and our commitment to antiracist change at Theatre@First. Since then we've begun to look at every aspect of how Theatre@First operates and how we need to change in order to build antiracist theatre here in Somerville. Now we're here to tell you about the antiracism actions that we are currently moving forward. 
  • updating our website to highlight our concern for equity, diversity and inclusion
  • teaming up with leaders of other local theatres to find resources, support, and accountability for our actions
  • adding regular accountability reports to our Steering Committee agenda
  • adding BIPOC-centered shows to our monthly recommendations to members
  • making the Theatre@First social media forums a space for antiracist theatre resources, links, and discussion
  • raising funds for Black Lives Matter through our online participation in Somerville's ArtBeat festival
With the current shutdown of live theatre, we have a special opportunity to revamp many of our procedures and practices.  We are looking at rewriting our mission statement, adjusting our audition practices, finding ways to break down the barriers that may prevent BIPOC from working with us, and changing the way we select our productions and recruit directors, designers, and technical crew.  

If you have questions about the actions listed above, or ideas about how Theatre@First can create change within our community, please get in touch. We count on you to hold us accountable and to be part of the process at Theatre@First.


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